Let me me introduce myself with the following lines of code.

/// <summary>
/// My name is Manuel and I currently work as a
/// developer at engelbert strauss. This blog is
/// about those everyday coding issues and the
/// .NET ecosystem in general.
/// </summary>
internal class Program
  public int Main(string[] args)
    var out = new Action<string>(Console.WriteLine);

    out("Since I live in the .NET world");
    out("you can mostly expect topics that");
    out("are dealing with our every day's");
    out(".NET issues.");

    // To be honest, you should not expect a high
    // frequency here. I'm not that blog every
    // free minute guy.

There is not much left to say. I am part of the Git for Windows project team. But to be honest most of the work is done by the well respected Johannes Schindelin. Many thanks to Microsoft for supporting that work.

At work I’m the one to whom you would go if you need some crazy git magic done. If somebody would ask me what my favorite git command is, I’d answer git rebase -i.